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After the spaceship Ecinev.1 was hacked, exposed to an unknown virus, and infiltrated by creatures unseen - a ship wide evacuation was called for and all escape pods were released. Explore an unknown planet to find the remaining crew, find the surface to get back to the ship, and find what or who caused this.

Run, climb, jump, roll. Break stuff and scan stuff (scanning won't always help though). Use flares and the melee rod to produce light. There's only a few enemies in the current demo. They are able to defeat, but might be overly difficult in some situations.

The game has a few features I'm toying with. Some of the lighting in the environments are by (in-game world) physical structures that you can destroy - which then changes the light in the area. Right now you can get health from them, at the expense of light. Not a big deal in the current demo, but it'll be a bigger trade-off in some other ideas.

The game was built with Windows 10 Directx 12 in C++. The main test controls was with an Xbox Controller, but Keyboard support is implemented roughly. The build might be a bit rough so its still possible to fall through the world (specifically when hit by a Rock Glob - they hit hard). Just wanted to get something put out there. "If a dev programs but never releases anything, are they really doing anything?"... forcing myself to release some of the stuff I'm working on.

Thanks for checking it out. Hope you enjoy and want to see more.


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